Interview: New Star Games

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New Star Games is a project dedicated to sports games, developing for the PC. The latest release is New Star Soccer, a celebrated and BAFTA-winning soccer simulation.

1. Do you remember your first video game? When did you fall in love with games?

My grandad had a Printztronic Videosport back in the 80s. It was one of those Pong clones that you played on the TV. He gave it to me when I was 10 and I still have it now.

2. How and when did you start developing games?

As a teenager I taught myself how to code and completed a couple of small projects but I gave up on my dream of becoming a game designer after dropping out of A level Maths and failing Computer Science. It was only after university that I started coding again in my spare time.

 3. How many people were participating in developing the game?


4. Why did you choose to develop for the PC?

I owned a PC and started developing games for that, selling them through my own website. It seemed like the natural thing to do, whereas consoles seemed like inaccessible black boxes.

5. What do you think separates homebrew games from indie games? Is there such thing as a separation anyway?

I don’t think there is a separation, but the term “indie” is much broader these days. Since self-publishing became so easy you now have teams with tens of people who still define themselves as indie.

 6. From where do you get your inspiration for the games you make?

A lot of inspiration comes from classic or retro games. I always want to bring a new angle to the game though.

7. Do you think it’s important to give more official opportunities to hobbyists to develop games?

Absolutely. Being able to code is hugely important and will become more so in the future. So exposing young people to it, getting them interested in how games are designed and how easy it can be to get started is vital.

8. What are your tips for a newbee who wants to become a freetime game developer?

Choose a game-making language, spent a few weeks learning the basics, then start with small projects but make the games you want to play. Always make the types of games you are passionate about.

 9. What were the most enjoyable parts while developing? What sucked?

There are always difficult moments where you cannot figure out a way to make something work, or a bug that won’t go away. The best moments are when you overcome those obstacles. It’s amazing how quickly you forget about the difficulties and are up and running towards the next one!

10. How much time did you spend creating your game?

Super Laser Racer only took about 3 months, but I was building it on the back of my previous game New Star GP which had taken about 1 year to make.

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